Katz White Witt is one of the music industry’s premier boutique entertainment music brokering and management agencies. Boasting a diverse roster of a very select 25 clients, the agency is home to some of the biggest names and best emerging talent in music, including acts in rock, hiphop, country, metal, and alternative.


With our office in Griffin Georgia we have a reputation for identifying and developing talent, working hands-on with artists, management and labels, and carving career paths that are unique to the individual.




  • • I will pitch your product directly to a department head and or label owner.  This includes several of the largest major labels in the industry.
  • • Song evaluation by industry professionals.
  • • Complete song production (discounted rate).
  • • Professional mixing (discounted rate).
  • • Professional tracking (discounted rate).
  • • Professional mastering (discounted rate).
  • • Complete artist press packs - EPK.
  • • Artist website and domain registration.
  • • Website hosting.
  • • Local bookings.
  • • Listening parties.
  • • Industry advice for marketing on social media.

How can I help you?

Do you need someone in your corner? Are you looking for a professional short-cut into the industry?

I have been involved in the music industry for over 25 years and have developed some of the finest relationships imaginable with the biggest names in the music industry.


I have helped sign some of the premier artist in the industry over the years and you could be the next big product I introduce into the professional market.


You can submit songs to me to critique along with professional mixing recording that has had many placements over the years. Your song needs 'to be radio ready. Labels are no longer willing to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars for you to go into the studio to develop your sound.  With the increase of high end engineers working out of their, professionally built, home studios you can get the sound you need to get a placement. Many gold and platinum records are now recorded, mixed and mastered by professional engineers in smaller spaces which saves you time and money.


You need a finished professional finished sound before your music can be pitched to an A&R or a label. Nothing is 100% guaranteed in this business but using a talent broker, such as myself, gets your product to the right people.  Unfortunately I will not take everyone.  The first step in being successful is being a marketable t artist with quality music.  This is only the start.  However,  if you are close, I can sometimes get you the rest of the way there.


Labels do not accept 2-track music bed songs.  You are relying on someone that usually does not have the experience to provide a solid foundation for you to add your vocals into.  These songs are usually mixed on inferior monitors by beat makers that attempt to get the loudest volume they possibly can before selling the music bed to as many people as they possibly can.  Your song might be floating around on the internet being used by a dozen or more artist even if you were guaranteed an exclusive.  Welcome to the world of $20 beats.


I am partnered with a studio in Griffin Ga. that has engineers with over 25 years experience and many placements in the industry. Not only can they record, mix and master your project but they have producers and musicians on-staff to help with your projects.


You definitely do not have to use my people but you do need a solid professional sound to compete in todays market. 


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